There are records of Tavira dating back to pre 1500's but, we don't want to tell you about that. We want to tell you what Tavira has to offer you today and that is lifestyle and quality of living.

Due to it's natural landscape, Tavira has been kept protected from mass tourism and property over development keeping it's genuinity. It is not only about the beautiful sandy beaches and first class golf courses that exist in the area, Tavira has amazing rolling hills for hiking in nature and living in unique special places. It has the city itself with it's lovely late 1800´s and early 1900's architecture left to us by rich merchants who used Tavira sailing port.

There are many restaurants and all trying to do something different with younger people owning them. The mix of ages and nationaloities is perfect. Tavira is no doubt a very special place where time has more time and the pleasures of life last longer.

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